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What Our Readers Have Said

Fabulous Read

Big Picture Living is a guide to making the most out of your life with simple tools that anyone can utilize. Blake uses academic research as well as personal stories to illustrate his points and methods, and his writing is both easy and entertaining to understand. There's a lot packed into this little book, and I doubt anyone will walk away from it without having learned at least one valuable tool for their toolkit. I would recommend this book to absolutely everyone!

Haley A

Great For Developing Your Self Awareness

So glad to have purchased this book. I really admire the author's transparency, and love the steps he shares that have helped him to develop self awareness and ultimately contentment. He's clearly done the work, and his info is useable!


Loved This Book

Big Picture Living is superbly well-written, with personal stories that are raw and relatable. Each chapter is punctuated with wisdom from genius writers and scientists about why humans behave the way we do. The book also includes tangible exercises, resources, and Blake's own email address for readers to get in touch. Reading and reflecting on each chapter put my priorities into perspective, and inspired me to be more vulnerable in pursuit of what I care about. I highly recommend this book for anyone!

Megan D

We want to redefine success.

One of the reasons we created Self-Himprovement was because we got tired of seeing the same formulaic BS: classically handsome white guy in a sports car or penthouse who claims to be rich and virile because he can teach others to be rich.

F*ck empty promises and vanity.

Carve out your own path.

But what does Self-Himprovement do besides peddling books? Glad you asked.

We also have a podcast.

The Finding Fulfillment podcast, hosted by Blake Reichenbach, is available on most streaming platforms. Throughout this ongoing podcast, Blake talks through his reflections, misadventures, and epiphanies about what it means to live with a sense of fulfillment.

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We can even provide coaching (no, not THAT kind of coaching).

Like we've mentioned, we got sick and tired of seeing "coaches" trying to get rich by selling you the idea of a lifestyle. So, we decided to do something about it. Drawing upon his own experiences with mentorship under author Sam Horn, our founder, Blake Reichenbach, completed ICF-accredited coach training to better help folks design, implement, and live out their ideal lives.

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And we started as a blog.

Long before we published any books or sat down with a microphone, we started writing about self-improvement, wellness, and personal development. Fun fact: from the beginning, 70% of our readers were men and masc-identifying enby folks between the ages of 24 and 35, which is actually why we put "him" in our site name. The more you know!

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