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What are people saying about Big Picture Living?

Great For Developing Your Self Awareness

So glad to have purchased this book. I really admire the author's transparency, and love the steps he shares that have helped him to develop self awareness and ultimately contentment. He's clearly done the work, and his info is useable!

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Haley A

Tags: Life Changing, Quick Read, Made Me Smarter

A book beloved by humans and cats alike

Loved This Book

"Big Picture Living is superbly well-written, with personal stories that are raw and relatable. Each chapter is punctuated with wisdom from genius writers and scientists about why humans behave the way we do. The book also includes tangible exercises, resources, and Blake's own email address for readers to get in touch. Reading and reflecting on each chapter put my priorities into perspective, and inspired me to be more vulnerable in pursuit of what I care about. I highly recommend this book for anyone!"

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Megan D

Tags: Inspirational, Quick Read, Couldn't Put It Down, Made Me Smarter